Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Lizzie at 14 1/2 Years Old!

Autism hasn't stopped Lizzie from doing anything!  This girl is a fighter! She is living proof that our kids with autism can progress and become happy, productive members of our world! 

Here are some highlights from the last few years:
-In fourth grade, Lizzie ran for and made Student Council.
-In fifth grade, we rocked it out at a Taylor Swift concert.  No headphones needed.  
-In sixth grade, after working on it for three years, Lizzie got her back handspring in gymnastics.
-In sixth grade, Lizzie decided to give back by working with special needs kids at our church...helping in the very same program she was once in.
-In seventh grade, Lizzie joined the volleyball team at school and they won District Champions in eighth grade.
-In eighth grade, Lizzie became a cheerleader at her school.
-This summer, Lizzie is learning to play the guitar.
-This summer, Lizzie has a summer job helping at a camp three days a week.

I still see autism in Lizzie everyday, but it is a watered down version that is not just livable...it is beautiful!  She so honest, hard-working and kind that sometimes I wonder why I didn't do therapy with my other two typical kids.  :) 

Yes, we still have struggles.  Reading comprehension is still difficult.  In sixth grade, we moved her to a private school and fitting in with the girls at this school is a challenge.  She does still have friends outside of school to hang out with.  We try to keep the focus on the positive! 

Lizzie's motto is "Normal is Boring!"  Our kids with autism are anything but boring and will no doubt change the world for the better.