Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pink Limousine!

When my oldest, Andy, was in kindergarten and Lizzie was three years old, I remember looking across the street at the school. The pink Sweet and Sassy limo would pull up. All the little girls were jumping up and down with excitement as they got in the limo to be whisked away to celebrate their friend's birthday.

It made me sad for so many reasons. I was sad because I had already missed out on so much of what the experience of having a girl was. I was sad because I did not know if Lizzie would ever have even one friend or if she would ever get invited to birthday parties. I was sad because we had no idea what the future held for Lizzie.

We have been so thankful that Lizzie has progressed so well over the last few years. Lizzie has a little friend, Olivia, that she just adores. The invitation came in the mail, and Lizzie was off in that pink limo celebrating Olivia's birthday.

I know it is strange for me, as a mom, to be so excited about this, but this "pink limo" represents so many of the hopes and dreams I have for Lizzie. It is a huge milestone!!! It is amazing to think that Lizzie is only six years old, she has a friend, and she is going to a participate in a party!