Saturday, February 28, 2009

VIDEO: Almost 6 years old - I want MY mommy!

In this video taken in October 2008, Cristina is working on variability of play and choices. Lizzie is the baby animal and she is trying to find her mommy. Lizzie has a specific animal that she thinks should be the mommy, and once Lizzie decides how something should be, she has trouble changing that plan without getting upset. In this video, she does a great job not melting down and finally accepts Cristina's animal as her mommy.

This type of play becomes so applicable in the real world. Just this past week, Lizzie started to get extremely anxious because they were moving the trash cans to a different location in the cafeteria. By working with Lizzie to accept changes in her plan in play, we are equipping her to handle the unplanned changes that occur in her everyday life.