Thursday, November 27, 2008

Video: Almost 6 years old - "Sit down!" Game

I shared about this in an earlier post, but let me share again because we got it on video! Yeah! I think this is maybe the fourth or fifth time we played this that day.

On Thanksgiving day, we had reached the part of the evening when everyone was just sitting around on the couch, chatting and watching the Cowboys game. Lizzie had kinda been wandering in and out of the room same as the other kids. I guess she was tired of all the sitting around because she stood in front of the couch and said, "I have an idea!" We all looked at her like, "okay"?!!! "Everyone stand up!" she says. We all stood up like obedient little school kids. She then goes on to explain that she was thinking of a number. "I choose number 5!" she exclaims. She then starts to count off, and each times someone is number 5, she tells them to "sit down!" The last person still up is the winner. It was so cool because she came up with the idea (not sure what class at school she learned it in), saw an opportunity, and then clearly and pleasantly instructed the group on what to do. It was really amazing. So amazing that we played it like 10 times throughout the night! I was so thankful that everyone was willing to follow her lead and they could see how far Lizzie has come!

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