Tuesday, September 23, 2008

You know you have a child with autism when.............

I was driving home from Bible study last night when I opened my phone to call a friend. Her number wasn't in my phone, but all of Lizzie's therapists were! I couldn't stop laughing and that got me thinking. Here are some things that ring true in our family, and I am sure many others too.

You know you have a child with autism when….

....you open your phone book on your cell and see more therapists than friends.
....your child digests more calories from your medicine cabinet than she does from your pantry.
....you spend the time to tuck in 10 stuffed animals exactly right in their beds, so your child will actually consider getting in their own bed.
....your favorite actor is Jim Carrey and it is not because of his acting.
....you find yourself doing barrel rolls in public just to relate to your child.
....you apologize to a stranger at the pool for the first time for your child chucking all their belongings in the pool.
....you have to take over 100 pictures just to get 1 of your child actually looking at the camera.
....you put your child's favorite toy on top of their birthday cake to get them to sit at the table long enough for the guests to sing.
....when you carry around spoons and toy trees in your purse because you know they will occupy your child's time for hours if needed.
....you never, never consider getting the letters or puzzles out to play with without making sure to double and triple check that one of the pieces is not missing.
....you apologize to a stranger at the pool for the twentieth time for your child chucking all their belongings in the pool
....you only know your friends by their e-mail address.
....you are excited to spend your "play money" on thera-puddy and pencil grips.
....you allow your child to go to school in long pants and long sleeves in the summer and shorts and a tank top in the winter.
....your kids' bedtimes are determined by how much they are interacting.
....a chew toy becomes a fashionable accessory.
....you live your life in 2 hour increments.
....you are encouraging your husband to look up Jenny McCarthy online.
....you would donate a kidney to hear an unprompted "I love you".
....you don't have the brain power to make a grocery list.
....you know that one accidental lick of a lollipop means the whole family will be up all night.
....you exceeded your login time and have to re-login from spending too much time doing online research.
....you loose your faith in doctors, law-makers and the "system" in a matter of months.
....you introduce your child to someone knowing they could really care less.
....you apologize to a stranger at the pool for the fortieth time for your child chucking all their belongings in the pool
....you want to hurry up and go to Disney World before your child appears too “normal” to take advantage of the disability pass and not wait in any lines.
....your monthly therapy bill is four times as big as your mortgage.
....you wonder why your child will lick a metal pole covered in dirt, but can't tolerate a grape on her plate at dinner.
....gluten and casein are the devil.
....you wish your husband would leave the flowers at the florist and show his love by researching a new treatment.
....you find that there is a warrior inside yourself after all.
....you can't leave the play area at the mall until you have screened each of the kids for red flags.
….you leave the pool because you are tired of apologizing.
....you just know everything will be better in two years.