Sunday, October 28, 2007

Video: Lizzie at almost 5 years old - Puppets

The three little pigs is an activity that Lizzie would much rather act out all on her own. She gets her own little routine down and wants to stick with it. We work everyday to help her become more flexible, so others can join in on her play and she can tolerate it when they change things up. Allison does a great job of not allowing her to be rigid in her play by herself by giving Lizzie two options that both end in Lizzie sharing in play with Allison.

Video: Almost 5 Years Old - Froggy

Lizzie loves to act out scenes from movies and books. Angela is reading one of Lizzie's favorite books, "Froggy goes to Bed". Lizzie acts out the book with the girl and mommy in the dollhouse. When she is done, she decided the girl needs to have a birthday party. In the past, Lizzie used to just script (say the words to herself) from movies and books. Once she became engaged (through lots of Floortime play), we began to be able to use those scripts by turning them into interactive play.

Video: Almost 5 Years Old - Old McDonald

This is Lizzie and me playing Old MacDonald. To appreciate this, you need to know that background. About a month ago, Lizzie would throw a complete fit if anyone got near her animals. She had them all in a specific order, she wanted to sing it alone, and she DID NOT want to share the experience in any way. We worked on this, her rigidity with this activity is gone and now she is free to just enjoy play with me...look how much fun we are having! :)

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Great Drawing!

When I looked in the playroom to find Andy, instead I found Lizzie and Noah sitting at the little table together. I went to see their drawings, and I could not believe what was in front of Lizzie. I asked her what she drew, and she said, "It's water!" Water it is! Water, a boat, two people and even a little fish! I could hardly control my excitement that Lizzie had drawn out such a complete thought. Usually we are lucky to get one object, and the fact that she did it all on her own (I confirmed this with Andy) while sitting together with her brothers just made my day! We immediately put it up on the refrigerator for all to admire!