Friday, December 1, 2006

Video: Lizzie at 4 years old!

I LOVE this video! I still get chills as I watch Lizzie engage with me for more than a few seconds. It was so sweet to finally start having a real relationship with her where we were both enjoying each other. In the past, I think I had felt the connection for both of us. She wanted me only to get her needs met. I was so thankful we were on the right track! I think we had been doing Floortime about four months when this was taken. Wow! What a difference in just FOUR months!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Video: Lizzie at 3 1/2 Years Old

This was a video we took right before starting Floortime therapy. I had read up on Floortime, and I am working very hard to engage Lizzie. She was unable to engage for more than a few seconds, and then she disconnects and wanders off on her own. You will see us playing the structured game Red Light, Green Light for a minute or so, and then I struggle for awhile to get her engaged. Keep in mind that to pull her out of her own world for even a second, I have to basically become an overly excited circus clown. I learned that it is really important to follow her lead no matter what. After years of doing ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis), it was very hard for me to let go of my "agenda", and realize it is about engagement, not the activity. At the end of the video, I finally get really engaged by being silly with the paint, and it is truly beautiful.

PS:  Please ignore my oldest son in the background. He was five-years-old and in charge of entertaining his baby brother while we took video.  Best. Brother. Ever.

Thursday, June 1, 2006

Video: Lizzie at 3 1/2 Years Old

In this video you can see that Lizzie has learned some really good play skills. Although she can pretend with the phone, she is unable to include anyone else in her play. I began to really worry that all these skills meant nothing if she couldn't allow others to play with her. She was still in her own world.  We began looking into different therapies that we hoped could help this deficit. We looked at PRT, RDI and decided on Floortime.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Video: Lizzie at 3 1/2 Years Old

When I saw that Lizzie was starting to watch and be interested in Andy, I ran to get the video camera. This is the first time I can remember her even looking at him or caring that he was there. I was so excited to see them playing! It was so hard to have two kids so close in age that never played together. It broke my heart each time Andy tried to play with her, and she completely ignored him. This was the glimmer of hope that I needed.

Thursday, March 2, 2006

Video: Lizzie at 3 1/4 Years Old

In this video, you can see Lizzie is really sensory seeking. She is jumping up and down and grinding her teeth. Although it is an ongoing issue, OT (Occupational Therapy) has really helped Lizzie get these needs under control.
Every time I watch this video, it makes me emotional, and I just realized why. Lizzie, for a split second, looks at the camera (at me!) and says "hello"! You can hear the pure joy in my voice because she willingly connected with me. This type of interaction was extremely rare even for a second. It is so difficult as a parent to not to feel connected with your child.

Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Video: Lizzie at 3 1/4 Years Old

It is hard to watch this video because even though Lizzie had lots of language, she still would not use it unless she needed something. She had no interest in being with me.  I miss my daughter.